1. It’s cheaper than therapy.
  2. There’s nothing more cathartic than seeing my thoughts spill out through letters that later form words.
  3. Because someone somewhere out there feels exactly the way I do and they need to know that they’re not alone.
  4. There’s something satisfying in watching tiny black letters slowly fill an empty white page.
  5. It’s the only time it’s acceptable to ask yourself a question and then answer yourself in the same breathe.
  6. It’s my favourite way to work through my feelings.
  7. Because a blank page doesn’t ask silly questions, a blank page just lets me be.
  8. I want to impact the world and what has more impact than the words we leave with others?
  9. Words have power and I want to feel its strength, if only just a moment.
  10. I write because I want to leave behind more than overflowing bookshelves and photo albums filled with immortalized moments.
  11. I write so that a part of me will always live on.

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