A response to the Fifty Shades of Grey response’s

I have no shame in saying that I have read all 3 books in the Fifty Shades of Grey series, or in saying that I have been anticipating the movie’s release, viewing the trailer, reading interviews with E.L James (the author) and review articles. There is simply no shame in admitting that you have read a book for pure entrainment (and I use this word carefully because I already see the comments distorting the word. I use entertainment to refer to a means relaxation after a long day or break away from academic literature, which was my case). So, anyone saying you should be ashamed of your choice of books, needs to either sit down, chill or find something better to do with their time than insult others.

I’ve seen a lot of responses to the Fifty Shades of Grey series, both positive and negative and I can’t help but wonder how many of these people actually read the book or watched the movie? Now the first distinction that needs to be made is that the movie is not the book, but the movie is an adaptation of the book. Just like the Twilight movie saga was an adaptation of the Twilight book saga. The two are linked, but not exactly the same. So to those who were disappointed in the movie because it lacked the hot and steamy scenes you were looking forward too, sorry, but that’s all on you when you failed to understand that the movie was never going to explore every corner of the Ana/Christian relationship.

Then, to everyone bashing the movie. Again, read up and understand that the movie is not the book, but an adaptation. Therefore stop associating the movie with what happens in the book. Now to those that are associating the movie with the book and what the book describes, this tells me that you have not actually watched the movie, but also that you have not read the book. Now, can someone please explain to me how someone who does not have first-hand experience with the material is making hateful remarks? Because for the life of me I cannot understand it. All that this is doing is showing me how ignorant you are in thinking that you can get away with blind, unfounded comments. Would you trust a comment I make on quantum physics when I have had zero interaction with the disciple? I’m going to assume your answer is no? And why would your answer be no? Because someone who does not have first-hand experience with something has no authority to speak about it.

Next, I need to speak about the Facebook posts I’ve been seeing. They go along the lines of…
“I will not watch 50 shades of Grey because I have a mother and am daughter, and in a few years I will not want my child disrespecting me as a mother and disrespecting herself by watching the movie. What kind of example is 50 shades of Grey setting?”

Okay, firstly, I know that you have neither read nor watched Fifty Shades of Grey, so your comment loses its ground on the basis that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Secondly, disrespecting your mother and yourself? Really? What about that guy you were sexy messaging not too long ago? Were you thinking about how it disrespects your mother, yourself and your body then? Thirdly, when was Fifty Shades of Grey meant to set an example and be read as a moral guide? If you consider Fifty Shades of Grey to represent some kind of moral guide then you have deeper issues than just worrying about disrespecting your mother and yourself. Now sit down.

The comment:
“I won’t watch 50 shades because I don’t support woman signing off the rights to their bodies”
This statement made me laugh the most.

Firstly, does Ana actually sign the contract? Nope. Again, didn’t read or watch Fifty Shades of Grey, again blind comments by those who do not make the effort to get informed then judge. But simply judge. Secondly, you’re missing out on a potentially entertaining movie simply because your ‘personal opinion’ is an ill-informed one? If that’s not both sad and hilarious at the same time then I don’t know what is.

My all-time favourite comment (the one inspired this post in fact):
“Watching 50 shades of grey is you saying you support domestic violence”, this statement was argued by saying that in the books “she says ‘he hits me but I still love him’ this is what people say when they are being abused”

First I’m going to direct you to the use of “she”, no name. Why? Because this person didn’t read or watch the movie so how are they to know the names of the female lead. Secondly, ‘he hits me but I still love him’. I can’t remember reading that. Again, where did you read this? Oh I forgot, you didn’t. This is the kind of ignorance that annoys me, presenting you paraphrasing as a quote that I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist. The problem is that you then go around, convincing yourself and others of your amazing opinion. They’re who most likely not going to check up on it, and the next thing we know there’s a group of you parroting the same line like sheep.
The other issue with this statement. I didn’t know that Fifty Shades of Grey represented violence? My Creative Writing lecturer once told me that “nothing occurs in a vacuum, everything is a product of context”. I think we should apply this to the book. There might be violence, but to call it domestic violence is a step too far. Christian, the male lead, gets turned on by rough sex. Ana, the female lead, is made aware of this and is given a contract that stipulates all the limits. Domestic violence? I’m not sure where the domestic violence comes in when she is aware of Christian’s fetish and agrees to participate in it. Plus, the ‘violence’ is a product of context, where rough sex is enjoyed. He doesn’t spank Ana out of pure blinded anger, but annoyance and as a form of arousal. Which she is explained and understands.

Finally, my response to the statement that “watching 50 shades of grey is supporting domestic violence:
How many of you belting out this line have watched “Taken”? So basically you support the idea of one man having a blatant disregard for the law, taking it into his own hands and doing whatever it takes to exact revenge? Both nationally and internationally?
How many of you have watched “Need for Speed” and “Fast and the Furious”? So you support the hijacking and stealing of cars (private property), gang violence, and street racing (which is known to have killed both drivers and innocent civilians). Again both nationally and internationally.

We still watch them? Why? BECAUSE IT’S JUST A MOVIE.

It is a book, poorly written but still a book, that the author openly declared a work of fiction. Not intended to send any political message or serve as a moral guide. So please, stop taking these frameworks and forcing it onto the book and movie.

My response to all the haters hating just because you want to?
If you want to share your opinion, actually have an opinion. Stop parroting what you have heard from someone else. Better yet, read the books or watch the movie and judge it for yourself.

So the next time someone asks you if you’re going to watch Fifty Shades of Grey or what you think of it. Give a genuine answer, remember, “I don’t really have one (yet)” works well to.




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