The Unwitten Rules of Selfie Fails

I consider myself to be pro-selfie, I’m full on part of the Selfie Generation. I say this with my head held high and my hair flick and pout on standby. I mean why not? You’re out with friends, you want to remember the night and people you’re with, plus everyone looks amazing. Everyone’s about to head off to the dance floor, but wait, cuz’ first, lemme take a selfie.

Now two things happen when you take a selfie:

  • You look so incredibly amazing that you mentally note that this picture should be uploaded.
  • You look so incredibly awful you just put your phone away. Either you were in mid blink, or the ‘cute’ face you pulled looks more like a possessed face. Something just went wrong.

Everyone has a pretty standard reaction to number 1, but when number 2 happens people respond differently. Some people delete the picture immediately (if there’s no evidence then it didn’t happen). Or, you could be like me and you save that selfie and later send it to best friend to show off your most recent fail. To quote Susan Sontag “it’s good because it’s awful”. Raise your hand if you do this? I know I’m not the only one out there. Now this doesn’t just apply to mid party selfies, but those include those gross late night study selfies, new hair cut selfies, makeup fail selfies, oh well the list is endless.

So you send it to you bestie and then what? You go on with life knowing that the next time you see them you’ll both have a good laugh at the picture. Right? Right! But what happens when you go on with life and then suddenly have a friend, not even that, and acquaintance, your best friend’s friend, come up to you to have a laugh about your self-declared “selfie fail”. I’m sorry. But did I miss the part that I said it was okay to show everyone my selfie? If I wanted to do that I would have uploaded it onto whatever media platform I was obsessing over at the time or made it a profile picture somewhere. But did I? Nope. Instead I decided to send it to a friend. One friend.

I do this because, well, I do this with a few of my friends, exchange the odd selfie. But in an attempt to make the newbie in our circle feel slightly more ‘in’, I decided to rope them into this tradition with a selfie fail of my own. I always just assumed that there was a list of unwritten selfie rules that everyone knew about. My friends and I seem to pretty much stick to them without having to be told what they are.

So here is what I consider to be the unwritten rules of receiving a selfie fail:

  • When receiving a selfie fail from your bestie don’t save it. Why would you need to do that? Keep it for later blackmail? So shady, so so shady.
  • Don’t show other people. If she/he wanted everyone to see it they would have uploaded it online.
  • Don’t send it to their crush as ‘a joke’. Why are you doing this? Just why?
  • Don’t make it your profile picture. I’m sure you have enough selfie fails of you own to display.
  • Don’t break your friends trust. I’m 100% sure she sent you that selfie fail for your eyes only, don’t embarrass her by showing it to others.

This sounds like pretty standard stuff right? Well apparently some people just needed reminding.



Have some selfie rules of your own? Go ahead and share them here!


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