i’m okay

At first you’re ‘okay because it was just casual’. And you try to forget. You really do. You delete those texts, and you put him out of your mind, but, even though you try, he’s still there. He’s there in the road you both walked down, the café you both always went to. It’s a haunting, but it’s not a nightmare. The memories are unwelcome but they don’t terrify you, they’re not bad ones, they’re just reminders of something that was. Memories tend do this odd thing where they creep up on you when you least expect it, when you are least prepared to deal with the emotions. With the confusion and the questions. And the uncertainty in a situation that’s so, certain. So final.


Now, I am okay, because, well, it was just casual. But there are still emotions, and confusion and questions. And it does still hurt because it all just stopped.


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