October TBR

It’s the 17th of October, we’ve already passed this months half way mark and I’m only posting my TBR now? Yip I know, how odd!

At the beginning of the month I assumed that I wouldn’t have time to read and review the books that I received at the beginning of the month and I did not want to commit to it then not pull through. But here I am, halfway through the final book in my TBR and having read countless other books as well. So I figured I’d post the initial books I had for this month’s TBR.

Welcome to my mini Colleen Hoover fest!


In this month’s pile:

Point of Retreat: this is the second book in the Slammed duology. If you’ll like to hear about the first book, Slammed, check it out here. Point of Retreat is told from Will’s POV and through the same narrative style of both prose and poetry.


Hopeless: this is the first book in the Hopeless duology and follows the story of Sky Davis, a girl emotionally unaffected by the actions of guys but one who is subconsciously burying an emotionally traumatic experience she cannot remember.


Ugly Love: the structure of this book truly excites me. Told from two perspectives, the narrative of Ugly Love not only switches between characters, but it also switches in time. The female narrates from the present tense, the current reality. But the male, part of the females reality, he narrates from 6 years earlier. Slightly confusing I know, but an elaborated review will follow.


Happy reading everyone 🙂


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