Dinner at Da Vincis on Kloof

I needed a comfy night with a friend and food. Delicious cocktails and an excuse to dress up a little.

This was my second trip to Da Vincis and they did not disappoint.

Food: The menu has an extensive burger and pizza listing. With special options to swop the burger roll for a bed of salald, or the option to order two halves of different pizzas to make up one. These alternative options add a great choice of variety to your meal. I opted for a pizza. Half was yogurt and chicken and the other half was bacon, avo and mushroom. Both were delicious.


Ambiance: Da Vincis is a family friendly restaurant, so if you’re looking for a quiet dinner with your partner then I would recommend going after 9pm when the family’s with kids have left. Besides overhead lightly the tables are candle lit, and the seats are comfy cousioned leather. The tablecloths are paper, which makes it easy for staff to remove and replace for clean covers for the next guests. But another quirk is the crayons on each table. A great ice breaker moment is playing X and O with a friend on the tablecloths, or simply drawing smiley suns and hearts.


Pricing: I thought that the listing prices were fairly reasonable.  And if you are spliting a pizza with a friend then you get value for your money. But if you’re a budget freak like me, then check out their website, the entire menu is available .


Would I be returning? Absolutely.



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