Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Lincoln is responsible for company emails. It’s 1999, email has just been introduced and Lincoln has been hired to inform staff not use their computers for personal use. And to monitor any overuse for personal reasons.
Lincoln soon finds himself reading Beth and Jennifer’s flagged emails on a regular basis, but by the time he realizes he needs to flag their inappropriate pc use, it’s too late. Not only because he has already read many of their personal emails. But because he finds that he actually likes reading their emails. Their humour, their banter. He likes it. He soon realizes that he likes more than just the emails. He likes one of them (dramatic drumroll).

Book review:
Easy, Attachments is perfect. The characters are relatable, the dialogue is addictive and this book wins every cute award out there.


“I touch you and my whole body… rings. Like a bell or something.”


Story: The story evolves through narrative and emails. One chapter is the emails that Lincoln is reading, and then next is narration about his life outside of work. Oh, yes, this is YA book narrated by a guy, and it’s good!


“You can’t walk away from what’s between us. Ive tried… we’re a spell.”


Character development: I loved that Beth and Jennifer’s characters are developed through emails. Nothing about the characters are narrated in the usual sense, like explaining what is seen and felt about someone. Instead the female protagonists are developed through emails being sent back and forth and through one telling the other about a new top or a recent fight with their boyfriend/husband. I loved this technique. Through the entire book I felt like an eavesdropper listening to 2 friends catch up, listening to one construct a story and then listening to how the other responds to it. Thoroughly enjoyable, and a special treat because I love unconventional narrative style.


“She was throwing stars at him. It was hard to listen. It was hard to look at her. He still felt like he was stealing something.”


Writing: Rainbow Rowell has a beautiful writing technique. It’s almost fairytale like. There’s a slightly chatty tone to her writing, making you feel as if you are part of the story, instead of being just being told a story. You’re a participant, rather than an audience member. If that makes any sense. Rainbow has a beautiful way of describing things, not overdone, but simple language and metaphors that I am able to understand, but simultaneously one that paints stunning pictures.


“Lincoln took a deep breath, the air felt like champagne in his lungs.”


Overall Experience: Attachments is one of my new favourite books. It has the right amount of cute, sweet, funny and sad. The story and characters developed just enough to keep me intrigued, but gave enough away that their lives were being built piece by piece. The dialogue is so well written I felt like I was reading emails sent between friends and myself, not because our dialogue is amazing or anything, but because the banter and sarcasm between Beth and Jennifer was believable.


“there’s nothing you can do with that hair. You just have to let go and let God.”


Attachments is one of those books you should read if you’re in a book mourning period. Or if you’re looking for something that’s cute and full of humour.



11 thoughts on “Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

  1. cassidygott says:

    Your review made me rethink my reading experience I had with Attachments, it was that good! Sadly I never felt a connection with Jennifer and Beth like I was hoping to have. But having the book narrated by a guy was awesome! Such a fun twist!

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