That Inner City Wine Route madness

who wants wine

It looks like a normal Wednesday evening in Cape Town. Cars line Bree Street, some stopping to drop off passengers while others drive by slowly – that 5.30pm traffic buzz. The sun is slowly setting behind Signal Hill, but that doesn’t affect the bustle in the street.

Walking by, you’ll assume the buzz is the standard Cape Town culture – after work drinks with colleagues, that random Tinder date. But for those of us who know better, wine o’clock has arrived, and it won’t be ending for another few hours.

Tuning the Vine has made it their mission to bring wine to the people. Who are the people you may ask? Obvi, we’re the people! Why go to the winelands when the winelands can come to you through the #InnerCityWineRoute.

You step into 91 on Loop and the cacophony of voices forces you to speak slightly louder and lean closer to your friends to hear what they have just said. You naturally gravitate towards the queue – which moves surprisingly quick – and during the wait you’re offered spray on tattoos. Wine glass silhouette on your neck anyone?

Soon you have the branded glass in one hand and a city map in the other. Red markers pinpoint the participating venues, as you stroll along the city streets, wineglass shaped chalk boards and balloons draw your attention so you never miss a venue. And you wouldn’t want too! From well-lit open white spaces to dim-lit rooms and chocolate bars – the venues are as exciting as the wine selection.

The Inner City Wine Route offers you the opportunity to sample from wineries you’re skeptical about, or enjoy a tasting of something you’ve never tried before.

An event that mixes great wines, the beauty of Cape Town and curious locations, yip, the May event should already be marked on your calendar!




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