How to Tune the Vine?

Tuning the Vine is more than just a wine tasting, it’s a full Summer night experience. It’s your chance to hangout with friends, meet up with a sibling or even have a girls night with your Mom, here are a few ways you can tune the vine…

1. Go with a sibling:

No reservation needed, simply get your ticket, meet up with your fam and walk around the city sipping. Wine and catch up anyone?

2. Head out with friends:

Weeks are long and weekends are short, so what about a midweek squad session? Tuning the Vine takes after work drinks to the next level. You get drinks, the city and a great time all on a Wednesday night!

3. Sip with Mom:

Restaurants can be noisy and candle lit dinners a bit too formal, so why not wine tasting? And this way you won’t have to drive all the way to a wine farm to do it. Bond while enjoying a glass of wine, Tuning the Vine makes it simple.

4. Did someone say girls night?

Girls night doesn’t have to be high heels and a killer contour, put on your favourite pair of sneakers and grab a map and the gals can be on their way. Tuning the Vine makes it fun for you to get walking, get talking and get sipping. Selfie with a glass anyone?

Here’s a little something from last night’s event, see you there next month 😉


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