New Year’s resolutions and why I don’t have them


It’s that time of the year again where “new year, new me” posts flood your newsfeed. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, people are posting lists and resolutions to themselves making promises that they’ll lose weight and spend less time on social media. Or even finally quit carbs and go green. But while there might be hope for some, come mid-February most of us are back to queuing at McDonalds and Instagraming our lunch. As easy as resolutions come, they are forgotten just as fast.

So this year I have no long list of resolutions, I’ve simply made one promise to myself: be better. A better person, a better woman and a better daughter. 2016 taught me that I’m a fighter and a ruthless go-getter. It taught me to humble myself when working with others and to consider the impact of my words and actions. I learned that no one can make me feel like a victim unless I give them the power to do so, and my pillar of strength is my family.

So this year, I make no resolutions and create no fuss around lists that I probably won’t stick to. I just make a promise and look forward to this journey of improving myself where I will be thrilled to witness the lessons, adventures and opportunities I’m sure I’ll be faced with. It will be journey of working harder, thinking better and moving forward. But will all stem from one source, the promise to be better.

So cheers to our resolutions and our lists, our promises and challenges. Let’s keep on keeping on and have a fulfilling 2017.


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