To the year that lies ahead

My PlanDear 2017,

I was taught that greeting is free so firstly, welcome! You were introduced to me at the stroke of midnight, while I was standing beside a harbor and alongside thousands of other Cape Townians. You were welcomed with a countdown and fireworks against a starry night star. There were cheers of excitement, kisses and even a proposal. Yip, you were brought in with a ring, and lots of excitement!

If your welcome is anything to go by then this is going to be an exciting year, maybe I’ll even get someone to burst fireworks just for me. So what do you hold? What adventures and opportunities do you have for me? For my family and my friends? What disappointments will I face? Will they be far and in-between or constant and a new normal? If I have any say I’d like to place my vote for the former please. Thank you in advance.

Your predecessor, 2016, was rocky. It started off like an uphill climb, disappointments and disheartening situations punching me in the face –and gut- at every chance it got. It was tough, I won’t sugar coat that, but it was just as amazing.

2016 offered me the opportunities I dreamt about as a student and presented me the platforms I always wished I would be presented with. If you asked me to point out the year I stepped up, achieved the things I didn’t think I ever would and owned everything I did, my answer would be fast: 2016.

So 2017, be good to me. But don’t go too easy. Teach me, allow me to learn and force me into situations where all I can do is step up. 2016 made me a good person, so 2017 it’s your turn to make a great one.


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