14 things to stop feeling guilty about


We beat ourselves up and ourselves a hard time over the smallest of misdemeanors. So let’s stop, take a breather and just let it be. Give yourself a break now and then and you might learn that the things you feel most guilty about are the same things that make us who we are.

  1. Saying no
  2. Not being a morning person
  3. Paying for a gym membership and not consistently going
  4. Walking away from toxic friends
  5. Keeping up with the Kardashians and Geordie Shore drama, we all sneak in reality tv every now and then.
  6. Not liking a trend
  7. Your relationship status
  8. Missing a call because you forgot to turn your phone off silent, again.
  9. Using dry shampoo more than you’d like to admit.
  10. Taking a sick day
  11. Standing up for yourself.
  12. Dreaming big
  13. Not being domesticated
  14. Feeling guilty

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