Why you should make Mauritius your next holiday destination


When you hear Mauritius you instantly think beach, sun and tan lines. And most of us don’t need any more incentive than that really, but here are 5 reasons that make Mauritius a no brainer when deciding on your next holiday destination.

  1. A hotel for every budget.

Whether you’re only looking for a place to sleep, or a hotel that will cater to every holiday fantasy you have. Mauritius has you covered. Have a look at my stay at Le Meridien ile Maurice.  

20171016_182611 (2)

2. You don’t need a visa.

So most of us don’t need a visa to enter Mauritius. And for those who do, you can simply get it upon arrival. Not sure if you qualify or not? Have a look at this list.


3. It’s easily accessible.

When I think ‘international travel’ I think hours in a plane and more hours at layover airports, but if you’re traveling from South Africa it’s an easy 5 hours away. And if you’re not from South Africa? I promise you any layover you might have will be well worth it.


4. It’s an all year round destination.

It took me a while to wrap my head around this concept. It’s hard packing shorts and bathing suites while it’s raining outside your bedroom window. To placate my paranoia I packed a jersey, or two, but never looked at it once I landed on the island. The weather was Summertime fine regardless of it being the end of their Winter season.


5. There’s more to do than relax on the beach.

In the span of 8 days I spent 5 minutes lounging on the beach recliners. How dare I right? How dare I fly 5 hours only to only spend 5 minutes on the iconic beach recliner in Mauritius? Easy actually. There’s so much to do. From safaris to markets and island visits to simply exploring the hotel grounds, your days are easily filled with activities.



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