4 things to do in Hermanus any time of the year

Ocean: check! Hiking trails: check! Local market: Check! This coastal village has everything you need for a weekend getaway!

One of my favourite things about South Africa is that you don’t have to leave the country to go on vacation. Pack a bag, pick a direction, drive out for an hour and chances are your scenery will quickly start to change.

Nothing beats a destination that has beautiful oceans and mountains, because as a Cape Town local this type of landscape will always be a favourite. Throw in some whale-watching, wine tasting, rustic charm and folks, we have a winner! If you are in Cape Town and looking to explore the Western Cape a bit more, pack a bag and drive East because Hermanus is only about 2 hours away. Here are 4 things to do in Hermanus any time of the year.

1. Hermanus Country Market

From the open air seating to the smells of waffles, coffee and grass wafting from every direction, the Hermanus Country Market is the place to be on a Saturday. We had an early start to our day and picked this as our breakfast spot. Whether you’re craving eggs, waffles or cheesecake as your first meal of the day, you can expect wholesome homemade goodies here! Plus it’s the perfect spot to pick up a vacation memento.

  • Fun fact: this market is pet-friendly
  • Must do: try the locally made jams
  • Opening times: Saturday, 9am – 1pm
  • Location: Corner of Fairways Avenue & Jose Burman Drive, Hermanus

2. Hoy’s Koppie

A short 15-minute walk from the market is Hoy’s Koppie; an interesting hill in the middle of the village. Commonly known as the Crown of Hermanus, this landmark is pretty unexpected but intriguing with it’s stone steps and panoramic views of the village. Looking up at the hill from can be slightly daunting, but don’t let the height fool you. Anyone could easily climb it and the result is well worth it because you’ll see Hermanus like you’ve never witnessed it before.

  • Fun fact: discover a cave and stone steps on your way to the top
  • Why you should do it: because the view from the top is unreal!
  • Location: Central Hermanus

3. Explore the town

With a population of around 10 400 people, shopping centres, restaurants and bars are all centrally located in the ‘town’. No matter where you’re staying in the village all roads lead to town, literally. Find the local hidden gems by leaving your accommodation and walking to the centre of the village. Maybe stop for a slice of pie or book a table at a restaurant with a view of the endless ocean; no matter where you end up you won’t be disappointed.

  • Fun fact: Hermanus has their own taxi service called Tuk-Tuk, so if you’re not up for walking you can always call a cab.
  • Must do: Find the rocky cliffs, step on the steady stones and you’ll feel like you’re at the edge of the world.
  • Location: Central Hermanus

4. Cliff path

No Hermanus trip is complete without seeing the legendary cliff path and exploring it by foot. The path leads from the centre of Hermanus and winds along the coastline of Walker Bay giving you an incredible view that you can’t see from anywhere else. You’ll stroll past the Old Harbour and can easily take one of the many exits and end up back at your accommodation.

  • Fun fact: This is a great way to get in a workout during your trip without having to hit the gym.
  • Must do: if you’re visiting Hermanus during whale-season, then this is a great location to spot them from.
  • Location: Central Hermanus

Being so close to Cape Town and having so much to offer, Hermanus is an all-year-round destination for those looking for a quick escape.

Leave me a comment down below letting me know if you’ve ever visited Hermanus or with suggestions about where I should go next!

4 things to do in Hermanus any time of the year - michalah francis

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