5 of the best reasons to travel while you’re young

If you’ve been wondering when is the best time to start travelling, I’m sure you’ve convinced yourself that it’s not right now – maybe you think you’re too young, you don’t have enough or enough time to do it. Perhaps it makes sense to put off travelling until for the time being right? I sure told myself this too. But then I realized that the exact reasons I thought were holding me back, were actually also the exact reasons I should be travelling. So here are the best reasons to travel while you’re young:

You don’t need to be rich

I’ll be the first to admit that travelling isn’t cheaper – but when you’re young luxury airlines and lavish accommodations don’t matter as much. When you’re young, you’re more willing to share a room with friends, only eat fast food and overindulge on those happy hour drinks. Raise your hand if you’re the friend that buys 5 drinks during the last 5 mins of happy hour just to line them in front of you and keep them for the rest of the night!

When you’re young you’re not after 5-star vacations but memorable experiences instead!

You have no commitments

7 of the best reasons to travel while you’re young - michalah francis2

Student loans and life partners aside, I’m not talking about those commitments. I’m talking loans on homes and children to raise. You’re still young and while the responsibilities you have now may seem massive, by the time you’re 30 they’ll seem probably seem like a walk in the park. Seize the moment, embrace the commitment-free life you currently have and book that plane ticket!

You’re actually investing in your future

You might have the qualifications you need to get your dream job one day and you might be a well-rounded job candidate on paper, but are you a well-rounded individual? Sure, you know a lot about accounting, but do you know what it’s life to live in a village? Or to be alone in a country where you don’t know the language? Travelling does more than put a stamp in your passport – it helps you grow as a person. You learn more about yourself and the world, you discover new cultures and languages, you embrace new customs and break the stereotypes you had of others. Well travelled people are well-rounded people.

You’re up for an adventure

7 of the best reasons to travel while you’re young - michalah francis

Let’s wake up at 4am to take a 2-hour drive and watch the best sunrise of your life? You in? Chances are your answer will be yes. Now ask your grandparents the same question and watch them look at you like you’re crazy. The older you get the more dangerous things seem, and the amount of risks you’re willing to take dwindles. Don’t give your mind and body a chance to make you second guess yourself – travel while you’re young.

You’re not getting any younger

Sad, but true. You’ll never be as young as you are right now. You might not be the wealthiest but if you have a hunger to see the world, hop on a plane and see where the adventure takes you. We spend so much time trying to upskill and improve who we are – take some time and do what you’ve always wanted to do.

We might complain about our lives and daily struggles, but let’s be honest – life ain’t that bad when you throw in a little adventure and great company!

5 of the best reasons to travel while you’re young - michalah francis

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