6 things to do when visiting Mauritius

6 things to do when visiting Mauritius - michalah francis

”Just like the postcard”, this is the first thing you’ll think the moment you see the island in the daytime because the views really are just like the postcards you see online. So besides the obvious, soaking up the sun next to the ocean, here are 6 things to do when visiting Mauritius.

1. Visit The Colored Earth of Chamarel

Visit The Colored Earth of Chamarel - michalah francis

Like the name suggests, you can enjoy panoramic views of old volcanic hills made up of various colours. This stop initially didn’t make my to-do list, because who wants to look at a pile of dirt? But I was quickly swayed by the locals and I’m very happy I went. Not only can you enjoy magnificent views, but you can also enjoy safari rides, swimming below waterfalls and feeding the giant tortoise.

2. Get cultured

Grand Bassin Mauritius - michalah francis

Much like their language, Mauritians have a diverse culture including Chinese, European and Indian. With my personal ties to Indian culture, it was exciting to tap into my roots in Grand Bassin where Hindu temples and statues are adorned with colourful blessings. At this spot, you’ll find a sacred lake, a priest doing blessings and various statues of gods who you can praise.

3. Visit ile aux Cerf

At the South point of Mauritius you can jump on a boat to a nearby island. Make prior arrangements with your travel agent, because Ile aux Cerf deserves a day trip. 20 minutes away you can enjoy snorkelling, banana boating, paragliding and speedboat trips to view a waterfall. I know I know, just one waterfall? But as you take the trip away from the ocean into the lake, you slowly watch the water change from crystal blue to murky green, and the air shifts from silent to water crashing against water. At around noon, you’ll be taken to a second island where you’ll enjoy a braai and local rums. Fair warning, depending on where you’re staying on the island, you’ll need to leave pretty early to get to the spot, we left our hotel at 8am and returned at 7pm, but it was all well, well worth it.

4. Explore The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden

Put on those walking shoes and grab a map and you’ll be on your way. This spot is commonly known as Pamplemousses and hosts the largest water lilies I’ve ever seen. On the location, you can browse through tranquil scenery and rows and rows of skyscraping trees. With its calm surrounding, Pamplemousses is a great way to start a day trip.

5. Explore your hotel

You’ve already paid for your accommodation so why not explore what it has to offer, it might surprise you. We spent our first day on the island adjusting to the different time zone and scoping out our hotel by familiarising ourselves with the layout. Along the way we found the 4 restaurants, water sports houses, spas and tennis court. It’s fun and doesn’t cost a thing.

6. Maconde Point

At the Southernmost point of Mauritius, you climb a peak and enjoy panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. The stairs are pretty steep and kinda scary, if you’re not a fan of heights then avoid this location on a windy day. But this is such a great spot to enjoy crystal ocean and golden hour at its finest.

6 things to do when visiting Mauritius - michalah francis

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