6 visa-free countries South Africans can visit

Between finding flights, the perfect hotel and making a list of exciting things to do, why add visas to the list of things you need to think about when planning a trip? Visas mean extra paperwork and extra costs, so why not eliminate all that? Here are 6 visa-free countries South Africans can visit.

1. Argentina

Home to tango, wine and Che Guevara, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. To make this destination even better, you can pick between skiing in Bariloche or relaxing on a beach in Mar del Plata. Whether you’re looking for a winter or Summer break, Argentina offers it all.

Bonus tip: Uruguay is a boat trip away and visa-free too! Two destinations? Yes please!

6 visa-free countries South Africans can visit Argentina michalah francis

2. The Bahamas

In true island style, soaking up the sun and relaxing on the beach is a must when visiting this paradise. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to add some adventure to your beach time! Pretend you’re in Pirates of the Carribean and visit the museum, Pirates of Nassau. Then explore shipwrecks, go snorkelling, kite-boarding, kayaking or jet skiing.

6 visa-free countries South Africans can visit the Bahamas michalah francis

3. Jamaica

Cocktails with a view? Music all day? Sign me up! Party all day on the beach, visit the Bob Marley Mausoleum, go river rafting down the Rio Grande or get a historical tour through Rose Hall in Montego Bay. Whether you’re taking a trip for an adventure or relaxation – Jamaica should be on your list.

6 visa-free countries South Africans can visit Jamaica michalah francis

4. South Korea

South Korea is quickly becoming more and more popular among South Africans. It could be because of Psy’s infamous song or the lack of visa requirement, either way, this spot has made the list! Between the culture, the landscape and the food, anyone visiting is spoilt for choice. I’ve heard trying Patbingsoo is a must, this dessert is made of shaved ice, condensed milk, ice cream, rice cakes, and sweetened red beans. South Korea is also known as ‘the city of contrast’. One night you could be sleeping on the floor in a traditional house in Gyeongju and the next night you could be partying in Noise Basement in Gangman – yup, just like the song!

6 visa-free countries South Africans can visit south korea michalah francis

5. Peru

Looking for incredible views and incredible history? Then Peru is for you. Visit the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu; which is one of the most mysterious landmarks in the world. If you want to avoid the crowds and journey down the road less travelled, then you can explore Choquequirao where the Inca ruins are a must-see. There’s also the Amazon Rainforest that spans across 9 countries just waiting to be explored. Tick off ancient ruins and one of the 7 wonders of the world in one trip.

6 visa-free countries South Africans can visit south peru michalah francis

6. Thailand

What’s a visa-free list without this popular destination?! Whether you know someone who has been or you’ve been yourself, Thailand is a hotspot for South Africans! From cheap accommodation to delicious food and interesting things to do, Thailand accommodates you, your mother and your grandmother. Spend time in Phuket and the crystal water, then head to Bangkok for incredible nightlife and lights. And don’t forget the endless templates waiting for you!

6 visa-free countries South Africans can visit thailand michalah francis

The world has so much to offer, all we need to do is explore it. Now that you know how you can cut costs on travelling, which destination would you visit first?

6 visa-free countries South Africans can visit michalah francis

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