Best ways to save money for your next vacation

Each time I look at the prices of flights and accommodation I feel like I need to start working 3 jobs just to afford to go somewhere for 2 weeks! But then, I tweak a few things in my monthly budget and all too soon, I have enough money to book another trip. The last tip in this list is my favourite and something I swear by – Here are the best ways to save money for your next vacation!

Pack your own lunch

This sounds too simple, right? It actually is. Think about the cost of your favourite sandwich at the deli/cafe you love or the coffee you enjoy buying each morning. Now multiply that number by 7 and now multiple by it again by 20 – because that’s how often you’re probably buying takeaways for work, if not more. Buying food every day might seem like the easier option at first, but packing in your lunch will be much easier on your wallet later.

Compare flights

Best ways to save money for your next vacation michalah francis

Don’t book the first flight you find – shop around first. Use a flight comparator to instantly compare the prices and benefits of various flights and airlines. Read my article on how to find the cheapest flights and you’ll save even more when making your booking.

Find a different way to work

Public transport might be cheaper than driving your own car, but you know what’s even cheaper? Not taking the bus/train at all! Dust off your sneakers and take a walk, you might have to wake up earlier but this way you’re getting in a workout and by the time you get to work you’re blood will be pumping and you’ll be ready for whatever the day has in store for you. When the sun’s out and I’m up early, I do this one! The walk is 30mins long but so worth it!

Setup a travelling bank account

Best ways to save money for your next vacation michalah francis

You know how your gym/cellphone/wifi package gets debited from your account every month? You can do the same for your travels! Create a second bank account and set up a debit order to go off monthly with a set amount that you would like to save. This way there’s no temptation to spend the cash or to forget to save – because it happens automatically every month.

There are so many different ways to make saving easier. It might not always be the easiest thing to do, but when you finally book your trip it will be well worth it!

I use all these tips to help me save each month and it makes a huge difference, which tip will you use?

Best ways to save money for your next vacation-michalah francis

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