Haven of Obedience by Marina Anderson


What happens when your need for change leads you down a path of dark desire? Do you explore the unknown? Or follow the most likely path of shying away? For Natalie ‘The Haven’ is that something unknown and that something dark. And to her own surprise she’s willingly exploring it.

Natalie is determined to change the direction that her love life is heading in; stale, unsatisfying and always ending with the man walking away. After she discovers ‘The Haven’ and her darkly handsome tutor Simon, Natalie knows that after two weekends away at the adult only retreat, her love life will never be the same again.

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A Man of Good Hope by Jonny Steinberg


a man of good hope


Synopsis: Asad has a very human story – one of love, loss and tragedy. But despite the multiple lows of life that he faces, Asad is determined to make a success of his life. After fleeing the civil war in Somalia, Asad believes that South Africa is the place to build a brighter future.


“Either we fought or we die”



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Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

since-youve-been-goneBook Synopsis:
Summer has begun but Emily’s best friend, Sloane, is missing. She’s been to Sloane’s house, called multiple times and visited all of their usual spots. But nothing. Two weeks after the disappearance Emily receives a list of things to do the summer. A list sent by Sloane. Does the list lead to Sloane? Or is it a way of getting Emily to step out of her comfort zone and stop being the wallflower she naturally is?

After writing that synopsis I realized just how exciting the book could have been. It sounds intriguing right? Wrong. The book failed on so many levels.

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