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Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day - michalah francis
Book Synopsis:

Gideon Cross is New York’s hottest bachelor. The millionaire is hardworking, successful and broodingly gorgeous. Every interaction he has with a woman is a calculated risk, executed with the same briskness he applies to business meetings. But when he spots Eva Tramell, the new assistant working for one of the companies in his Crossfire building, things change for Gideon. But is Gideon Cross what Eva Tramell wants? They both carry dark secrets about their pasts. Are the secrets Gideon hides too much for Eva, or is she able to overcome the darkness of both their pasts?

I’ve decided to review the entire Crossfire Series in one post.

So far the Crossifire Series is compiled of 4 books. Bared to You #1, Reflected in You #2, Entwined with You #3 and Captivated by You #4. Sylvia is working on the 5th book and fans are waiting for the release date. Sylvia Day’s website informs fans that a release date for the book is expected to be announced “soon”, but then again that note has been up for months.


If you Google ‘what book to read after 50 Shades of Grey’, Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series pops up over and over again. But I think the two series only share one similarity, the hot-possessive-business mogul male protagonist.

Other than that, Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell are in a league of their own. P.S Gideon makes my top 5 fictional boyfriend list. Forever and always.

Writing: I always get lost in Sylvia Day’s writing. She knows when to give just enough detail and then leave the rest to reader’s imagination. She’s always on the borderline of over explaining, but she never crosses it. Her books are the perfect balance of dialogue and narrated explanation.

Characters: because the writing is done so well, the characters are brought to life. Everything said and done, by all characters, complement their life story and their past behaviour. There is really good character development throughout the series. And the reader is able to perfectly see how characters battle with personal and relationship issues. And how they work through it. Both through words and actions.

Storyline: The series takes the reader through Eva Tramell building a relationship with Gideon Cross. And while that is the focus of the series, that is not the only aspect of the book. Both characters face issues outside of their relationship, problems involving their parents, friends and careers. So the book is multi-layered. An entire community is built. The male and female protagonists are not the only fully developed characters in the book. A lot of other characters who are in Eva and Gideon’s life are highlighted throughout the book. I enjoyed this, because often I feel stifled by the protagonists when all I read about is their isolated relationship. But Crossfire allows the reader to see Gideon and Eva interact one on one with people who are not their love interest.

Narration: The first 3 books are narrated by Eva Tramell. But the 4th book is a dual narration. So after spending 3 books trying to figure out what makes Gideon tick, you finally get inside his mind and his day to day on goings. I thought this dual narration was well placed. After reading 3 books in a series you ask yourself “is the forth book really worth it, what could possibly happen now?”. But then you get to read Gideon’s perspective and it changes up the reading experience.

The Crossfire series is one of my all time favourite series, I won’t mention how many times I’ve read the entire series because I’m slightly embarrassed. But I would definitely recommend this book to anyone currently in a book mourning period, or a reading slump. I’m that confident in it’s awesomeness.

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Have you read the Crossfire series before? And if you have what did you think of it?

Do you also have a list of top 5 book friends? Share them with me!!!!

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