Get over the mid-year slump and recharge

As we kickstart July we say goodbye to the first half of the year. And with that, we also say hello to the mid-year slump. Fatigue, no motivation and just a general lack of oomph are just some ways people would describe the slump. If you’re trying to get through it, welcome to the gang! 

Here are the mantras I’ll be chanting to get me through my mid-year blues – because sometimes we just need a reminder that we’re great, doing well and still #blessed. 

“I will take a break”

5 things you will discover when you travel5 - michalah francis

You’ve worked hard and your body is feeling it. Whether it’s a weekend away, a staycation or an international getaway, save up some money and take a much-needed break. The planning will give you something great to look forward to plus the time away will recharge your batteries.

“I will be more spontaneous”

Whether it’s a last minute dinner date or a spur-of-the-moment brunch with friends. Resist the urge to say no and stay in bed. Time with friends and loved ones will give you a social boost without you even realising it. Good food + good people + good laughs = one happy soul.

“I will try new things”

5 things you will discover when you travel5 - michalah francis

Comfort zone are great if you never really want to push yourself. An added boost of something, anything, is what you need to push you out of a slump. Whether it’s your go-to restaurant, bar, playlist, snack – change it up. Pick the option you’ve been eyeing for a while and then try it. Who knows, maybe it will become your new favourite.

“I will define the meaning of success”

Success means different things to different people. For me, success means happiness on a daily basis and the chance to live the life I want – not 6 figures in my bank account. Are you looking at your life based on what you define success as or what someone else defines success as? You’ll be surprised at the mental shift that happens when you redefine what this one word means. 

“I will clean house”

Whether it’s your actual living space, just your wardrobe or even your social media. Remove the clutter and anything that doesn’t bring you joy, then donate it to those who really need it. You’ll be surprised at how much space you can make and how much lighter your room will feel afterwards. If you’re doing a social media cleanse and do not want unfriend that sexist/racist/sad ‘friend’, simply unfollow them instead. That way you’re not exposed to any rants that will upset you. 

“I will not cut/dye my own hair”

Change is an exciting way to insert something new in your life. But a DIY hair session when you’re feeling down is not the way to go. Treat yourself to a salon day instead! You’ll walk out feeling and looking great after being pampered. 

“I will not forget to budget”

A letter to my 14 year old self - michalah francis

You’ll be surprised how much a simple budget can change the way you see money for 30 days. Sit down with a blank piece of paper and pen. Write down your basic expenses (rent, groceries, toiletries, wifi/phone debit orders) then write down your savings (travel and emergency) now finally write down your nice-to-have expenses (subscriptions, spa days, girls day out, dates, etc). Does it add up to how much you earn in a month? If not, then it’s time to have a serious financial chat with yourself. Maybe it’s as simple as cancelling a monthly subscription and reading a few articles online instead. Or moving one activity from this month to next month. Either way, a budget helps you see how much you’ll be spending for the month and stops you from overspending before it’s too late.

“I will not wait for others”

How many exciting opportunities have you missed out on simply because your plus 1 didn’t want to go with you? No longer. Ask someone else, go with a coworker or turn it into a catch-up with an old friend. Even better, take yourself on a date with just you and your own company. Don’t miss out on something because of someone else.

“I will not forget to be kind to myself”

The next time you look in the mirror, smile at the face looking back at you – instead of looking for wrinkles and blemishes. Be gentle with your body and don’t push it to its breaking point. This is the only body we have so be gentle with it. Skip a HIIT for mindful yoga and just enjoy what you have!

So, mid-year slump? What’s that?! Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling and then take one step forward. Feel free to comment below or DM me if you’d like more tips on how to recharge. The only way forward is one step at a time.

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