How to efficiently work from home

Work from home? Sounds like a dream come true when you first think about it? No long commute, no need to brush your hair, pyjamas are now clothing and there’s an unlimited supply of snacks. But a week in and you’ll quickly realize it’s not all late mornings and Netflix marathons – you’ve still gotta show up hun. 

Don’t ditch your routine

A routine is key to developing good habits. They ultimately help you function optimally because you’re less stressed when you perform tasks you’re used to. Setting an alarm = waking up on time = not having to rush later on. Ironing clothes in the evening = more time to enjoy your cup of coffee the following morning. We’ve spent years creating routines that we know work, now is not the time to ditch them.

Whether it’s wake-up, coffee, shower or wake-up, shower, coffee. Whatever you were used to doing, don’t change your routine too much now that you work from home. Make sure you’re having breakfast, lunch and dinner, and let’s not forget about snack breaks and going to the bathroom. They’ll give you stability while you figure out your new ‘norm’.

Change out of those pyjamas

Pyjamas are divine but they are also associated with bed-time. Shake out of that headspace by taking a refreshing shower and changing into something casual. But please put down those jeans! Sweatpants and a comfy tee is all you really need.

Work from home, but not from your bed

Much like pjs, your bed is a symbol of rest and relaxation. Unless you’re taking an afternoon break, you might want to consider setting up camp somewhere else.

You have your routines to keep your mind healthy, so don’t confuse your body by working from the space you usually sleep in. It’s all about creating mental boundaries when you work from home.

Open up those blinds

Let the light in! Natural lighting is everything, it brightens up the room, heats up the space and regulates your mood. Sunlight provides you with that Vitamin D we all need, but it also helps regulate your serotonin. Sunlight triggers this mood-boosting hormone, leaving you feeling happy from within.

But, letting in the light also relieves extra strain on your eyes. The better the lighting, the easier it is to see.

Go outside and take in that fresh air

It’s easy to feel like the rest of the world’s very very far away when you work from home. Between your computer screen and the four walls around you, it doesn’t take much to feel boxed in, so go outside and breathe the fresh air.

Being outside of your ‘working space’ is a great reminder that there’s an entire world outside of your bubble. It gives you a chance to look at the sky, feel the wind on your skin and maybe you’ll even spot a neighbour you can say hi too.

Plus, fresh air has some other surprising benefits. It’s linked to your digestive system, clean lungs and your immunity. Who knew!

Spend time in different parts of your house

Don’t put a dent in your couch – I’m sure you’d rather spend that money elsewhere! Move around when you work from home, set up at the kitchen counter or the backyard. But be creative with your space, the last thing you want is getting bored in your own home!

 Stay social

Are you missing those coffee catch-ups yet? We all know the best conversations happen around the coffee machine, so make sure that’s still a thing! Phone a coworker, video call a friend or skype a family member, your new work from home life doesn’t mean an end to your social life. Press that dial button!

Leave the office

Do you normally walk out of the office at 5pm? When you work from home it shouldn’t be any different. You’ve created mental boundaries by not working from the bed and you’re changing out of your pyjamas, now you need to create those same boundaries at the end of the day.

Clock out physically by exiting that email account or Slack group, but you also need to clock out mentally by taking a step back and switching off.

A great way to decompress is by taking a walk or packing away your laptop. 

Go easy on yourself

You work up, you got dressed and you ‘showed up’ to work. You don’t have to paint the walls and read a book all in one day too. Everyone has their own pace and it’s important to follow yours!

Do you have any unique strategies for working from home? I’d love to hear all about it!

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