Inside our Gordon’s Bay Airbnb: the affordable way to travel

Getaways no longer have to cost thousands and include long flights and jet lag. Affordable ways to travel now include discount booking sites, Airbnbs and the rise of Staycations. But are local getaways as fulfilling as international ones? Here’s a look inside our Gordon’s Bay Airbnb accommodation and details on how to staycation like a pro!

Choosing a destination

Location is everything. I opened up Google Maps and looked for an area I haven’t been to, was picturesque and was no further than a 2-hour drive away. Gordon’s Bay it was!

This harbour town is the epitome of slow living. Beach on the one side, mountains on the offer, a dozen cafes in walking distance from each other and warm, sunny weather.

Booking accommodation

Where you stay sets the town for your entire getaway. If you pick someplace seduced you’ll need to drive into town every time you need a loaf of bread or you’re running low on milk – no thanks. I picked an apartment right on the beachfront and in the heart of the town. This meant that I could run over the road to catch a tan, plus walk down the street to buy lunch or dinner.

How to make the perfect pick

Airbnb allows you to filter everything from price, to the amount of beds you would like in your accommodation. Make sure to fill out EVERYTHING. That’s the only way to get the exact options you’re looking for. Check out my beginner’s guide on how to use Airbnb to book travel accommodation for more tips.

Once you have a shortlist of options, check out the reviews from previous guests on the Airbnb list and Google a few too. Once you have your top pick, go ahead and book.

Once you clicked that book button make it a full travelling experience. Pack a suitcase and your favourite outfits, throw in a book or two and go with the intention to unwind – you’ll be surprised at how fulfilling it can be.

Inside our Gordon’s Bay Airbnb_

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