Liebster Award 2018 Nomination!

3 months into blogging and I already have something to add to my travel blogging highlights: being nominated for the Liebster Award 2018!

I blog in the hopes of inspiring people to not only dream but to do! To imagine themselves in a dream destination and then work to get there. I encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and do more of what they love and less of what they don’t. And then I got the message from Becky, aka GypsyHeartTravels! I expected it to be a question about a trip to Cape Town, but there it was, the ‘I’d love to nominate you for the award’ message! Cue wide eyes, open mouth and a shocked face that had people staring at me.

About GypsyHeartTravels:

Liebster Award 2018 Nomination! michalah francis2

Becky is a self-proclaimed modern day gypsy. Since taking her first trip when she was 19, she has never looked back. What started as a volunteering gig in India, turned into a passion for travelling and teaching and today she is all set and on her way to qualifying for her Expert in Bilingual Education qualification in Spain. Why am I obsessed with her? Her motto is “The meaning of life is to find happiness, the purpose of life is to share it.”, now if that isn’t something to live by, then I don’t know what is!

About the Liebster Award:

Liebster Award 2018 Nomination! michalah francis

This award is for bloggers, by bloggers. It aims to recognise the bloggers who inspire and spread love and support in the community.


Thank the blogger who nominated you and link the post back to their blog!

Answer the 10 questions from them.

Nominate bloggers of your choice who inspire you and give them 10 questions to answer.

List the rules and display the Liebster Award logo in or on your blog.

Once you have published the post, head to the official page by clicking the image above and comment on the 2018 post with a link to your blog post.

That’s it!

To find out more about the award, check out the official page here.

The questions I was asked:

1. When did you first get the ‘itch’ to begin sharing your creative energy via blogging?

I started blogging 6 years ago when I first became a student. As a first-year student, I felt like I had so much time and opinions and no one to share them with – except the internet.

I started DIY blog that lasted 1 week, then a fashion and food blog, 3 years later, when I was a post-graduate, I was a steady book blogger – but I still didn’t feel like I was tapping into my full potential, living my real truth and sharing my values and views with the world. Then I started travelling and it all changed. Everything I wanted to say and share couldn’t fit in an Instagram caption or tweet and that’s when I started dabbling with the idea of starting a travel and lifestyle blog. The moment I started I knew that this was my calling, this was what I needed to be doing.

So I don’t know, I first got the itch 6 years ago, but it wasn’t until this year that I really found my niche that I knew was what I needed to be doing.

2. Whether you believe in them or not, what would you consider to be your spirit animal and why?

I’ve never given this much thought, but it would be an animal that was adventurous but also enjoys taking things slowly. It would selflessly help others, be there for people and have a calm, kind nature. Maybe a dolphin or a dog for sure.

3. What do you want your ‘legacy’ in life to be?

Without a doubt, the impact I had on people. I hope to inspire people to do the things they’ve always imagined and through my charity work I hope to directly impact people’s lives with either goods or services that they need but cannot afford.

4. What do you consider your most prized possession and why?

My family – their daily love and support is something I can’t imagine live without. I cherish the moments they motivate me even if they don’t understand what I do.

5. What feelings do you aspire to shake up in your audience when they engage with your blog?

Hope. According to Greek mythology Hope was believed to have lived in Pandora’s Box. Because of its potential it was considered dangerous – because if we have hope, we also have the will to do anything. And for me that is powerful.

6. What do you consider your biggest source of inspiration?

My dreams. We often dream big and never think we can do it. But I want to dream big and then live big too. My dreams and my life need to be the same thing.

7. If you could invite ANYONE to dinner from any moment in history, who would you invite and why?

I have dinner with my Mother on a regular basis so I won’t add her to this list. There are many, but at this moment in my life it would be Will Smith. Many people have inspired me throughout my life but Mr. Smith really inspired me to push my limits.

8. What is your earliest childhood memory?

An epic birthday party with at least 15 friends, enough cake to feed an army and a jumping castle that stood tall all day.

9. What do you think has been the most influential invention throughout history, good or bad?

The internet – whether it’s good or bad I don’t know. It’s made the world a much smaller place and has changed the way we think of time and distance.

10. Describe your perfect blogging scenario? Where are you, what time of day/year is it, what can you see/smell/feel/taste etc.

I’ve never given this much thought – but it would be somewhere calm, near the ocean where I can smell the sea and sunblock. There needs to be a slight breeze to keep me cool but warm enough to each ice-cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I want to hear seagulls softly above and the ocean calmly rolling onto the shore.

My nominees:

I thought long and hard about who I would nominate, but my final answer is = everyone! If you would like to answer my questions and share with the community, please feel free to answer these and tag me!

The 10 questions to my nominees are:

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. How did you decide on your blog name?

3. What do you want your ‘legacy’ in life to be?

4. What do you consider your most prized possession and why?

5. How did you pick your niche?

6. How do you stay motivated?

7. If you were to start a second blog, what it be about?

8. What has been your biggest challenge as a blogger so far?

9. What do you think has been the most influential invention throughout history, good or bad?

10. What is your favourite article you ever posted on your blog and why?

Liebster Award 2018 Nomination! Michalah Francis

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