I’m not sure about your day dreams, but mine include boarding aeroplanes and exploring new destinations. Since my first trip in 2016, I’ve collected a few more stamps in my passport and I definitely hope to collect a lot more. 

But, long before I board the plane I talk about it, I reach out to hotels, I look at the best time to travel, I Google Map how far bus stops are from where I’m staying. Sometimes I’m talking about a trip almost 2 years before I book it. So today I’m having a digital conversation about the places I’m dreaming about and the destinations I hope to explore some day. Welcome to my dream travel bucket list.

  1. Ireland

I’ve wanted to visit this country for the longest time, but more so after reading one too many Samantha Young novels. Between the culture and the history of the different places, there’s definitely no shortage of things to do and see. I want to walk the cobblestone roads and soak in the Medieval feels at every corner in Dublin, Belfast and Galway.

Must do: party like the locals, drink Guinness beer and Jameson whiskey, see the Cliffs of Moher in person, walk through Trinity College Library and visit the cathedrals and castles.

michalah francis ireland dream travel bucket list
  1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Remember King’s Landing from Game of Thrones? It’s a real place – minus the wars and dragons! This walled-city looks like something straight out of a fantasy, and I can definitely see myself getting lost here. While Dubrovnik shot to fame after Game of Thrones, this isn’t where I fell in love with the destination though, I was sold after seeing their castles.

Must do: walk, walk and walk some more, watch the sunset from a peak, eat rožata and arancini. Rožata is a crème brûlée like dessert but with twist – it has rose liqueur and arancini is candied orange or lemon peel – yum!

  1. Cappadocia, Turkey

This one’s pretty simple for me – I want to be in a hot air balloon as it takes off during sunrise. While there’s a lot to see and do in the area, I only have my eye on one thing.

Cappadocia michalah francis dream travel bucket list hot air balloon
  1. Jordan

Between Amman, Petra and Aqaba I could easily plan a month-long visit to this historic country. I don’t remember when I first fell in love with Jordan, but before the pandemic hit, I was looking at flights.

Must do: I want to sit in the Roman Theatre in Amman, see the ancient temples in Petra and visit the Aqaba Fortress. And of course, I plan on enjoying mansaf, shawarmas and falafels whenever I can!

Jordan michalah francis dream travel bucket list petra
  1. Tel Aviv, Israel

It looks like Miami but has a lot more history! The moment I saw a photo of Tel Aviv’s coastline on Instagram I instantly added it to my bucket list. Plus, it’s a quick 2-hour flight from Jordan, so I could create my very own Middle Eastern Tour!

Must do: everything! See the markets, walk along the coastline, visit national monuments and eat as much local food as I physically can.


Which destination do you see yourself exploring some day? Share it with me in the comments section below and let’s chat about it!

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