Singapore in September, when is the best time to visit the Lion City?

Timing is everything when you’re travelling. Go too early and you’ll be caught in daily heatwaves, arrive too late and you’ll catch the end of the monsoon season. So when is the best time to visit Singapore? I went to the Lion City in September and here’s a bit on the season, the festivals and the temperature.

Travel Seasons

The time of the year determines how much you’ll pay for your hotel and flights. Festivals = higher costs and the wet season = lower costs. You’re paying for that ideal weather guys!

Low Season in Singapore (August – October)

The period between the monsoons is considered the low season. This is the month I chose to visit the city and I couldn’t imagine it being any better than what I experienced. 

My time in Singapore in September: it might have been low season but the airport was bustling and the hotels were busy but not overwhelming. We booked our trip around the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival so everywhere where we went either had extra night markets or bonus shows. The city came alive in a way that I’ve only ever experienced during Christmas, so it was a real treat to be there and witness another culture come to life like that.

Singapore also hosts the Grand Prix in September, so unless you’re a race lover, be sure to work around those dates because hotel and flight prices will increase for the event. Because we planned around all of this our trip didn’t cost us an arm and a leg but we still enjoyed the experience of a lifetime.

High Season in Singapore (November – July)

Much like South Africa, Singapore’s busy season runs from November to July. Hotel prices increase and flights are pricier. If you plan on travelling during this season, be sure to book as early as possible to make the most of early-bird specials and booking deals. With festivals like the Chinese New Year and Singapore Food Festival happening in these months, it’s easy to see why this is the busiest time of the year.

Shoulder Season in Singapore (February – April)

Because Singapore has great weather all-year-round, there isn’t a clear shoulder season for this city. However, the months between February to May can be considered the shoulder because it’s the months in between all the festivals. If you’re not too keen for long days and nights out, then this might just be the perfect season for you because you’ll get to enjoy the city at a slower pace.


Singapore is located near the equator and we all know what that means – hello warm tropical weather and steady temperature! Rather than clearly defined seasons, this city has northeast and southwest monsoons.

Southeast Monsoon

Time of year: June to September

Average temperature: 27°C

Average rainfall days per month: 18 – 20

These are the perfect months to get the best of everything. Because of the warmer days you can spend time outside and when it does rain you can spend time indoors shopping and enjoying the culture.

My time during the Southeast Monsoon season: rain? What’s that! Every morning I checked my weather app and every morning it predicted thunderstorms – but it never ever poured! It’s really important not to pre-book anything because you never know if it’s going to rain or if the haze is going to be too strong. Your best bet is to have a list of goodies you’d like to do, wake up and then pick something based on the weather. Our trip ended up being pretty spontaneous each day because we left everything to chance and then just took it day by day!

Northeast Monsoon

Time of year: December to March with a wet and dry phase.

Average temperature: 26°C – 27°C

Average rainfall days wet season: 18 – 25

Average rainfall days dry season: 13 – 17

Wet Season sees daily rainfall from December to January, making this the season for everything indoor related. Think museums, shopping and relaxing in your hotel.

Dry Season then welcomes the warmer temperatures and more sunshine. February to March is then more ideal for beachy says at Sentosa Island, nights at Chinatown and afternoon strolls on Orchard Road.

If you’re planning a trip to this city comment below because I’d love to know what you have planned!

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