Staying at Sugar Hotel in Cape Town

We’re trained to think that bigger is better, but is this always true? Sugar Hotel in Sea Point totally changed my perception of boutique hotels and what to expect from them.

Don’t let its size fool you

Check-in is quick and easy. Without the long queues that massive hotels sometimes have, attention to detail starts the moment you walk through their glass doors. Right next to reception is a sitting area where you can take a moment to relax and enjoy the deep brown decor and cosy atmosphere.

Settling into your room

This is the part where you really notice that attention to detail. The hotel manager will walk you to your room, showing you the bar and breakfast area along the way. After entering your room you’ll receive a mini tour of your space. This really impressed me, instead of leaving you to your own devices to figure everything out, everything is shown to you in detail. That means you can spend more time relaxing and less time looking for that tv remote.

What the rooms at Sugar Hotel really look like

The brown, comforting decor you saw in the reception area continues into the room. All their rooms offer the luxury you expect from a hotel, but with the comfort that you would feel in your own bedroom. The size of the beds is my favourite! I always expect hotels to have great beds and this boutique hotel did not disappoint.

Room and bathroom amenities

The bathroom is fully stocked with Charlotte Rhys products. This was a highlight for me because of the quality of the products that were available. Hellow designer skincare! Their bathroom also has a heated towel rack which is pretty handy in Winter. You can step out of the shower and right into a warm towel. We also received robes and slippers during our stay which meant we could easily slip out of our clothes and into something very, very comfortable.

Let’s not forget to look at the food at Sugar Hotel

Since the rooms are perfect, the food should be average right? Wrong. It was pretty good. As a guest of the hotel, breakfast is included in the price. Unlike chain hotels where you’ll probably enjoy a buffet breakfast, at Sugar Hotel you can order from a a la carte menu. I was a bit skeptical at first, because a la carte = less food, but you can order as many options as you’d like! It’s basically bottomless breakfast and I loved every crumb.

My final review of Sugar Hotel?

The staff were friendly, the wifi was strong, the air-conditioning was perfect and all in all, this boutique hotel with all its charm has quickly become a favourite spot for me to hang out at.


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