The packing tips that help me save space and time

Packing shouldn’t be stressful. No rushing, throwing your clothes around or ending up in a flat spin. Packing should be an extension of your trip. It should build the anticipation, get you into that vacation mode and be as thrilling as boarding that plane. How? I’ve got you! These packing tips help me save space and time and they’ll do the same for you!

Before you get the suitcase out

Make a list

Your list will lay the foundation for everything that does and does not make it into your bag. Start thinking about everything that happens from when you wake up. Then list everything you use. Check phone (charger + cord), brush teeth (toothpaste and toothbrush), wash face (face wash, scrub and cream), you get the point. This way you get an idea of all the necessities that make up your daily routine.

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Always list everything on the same list. Stick to either your phone or paper and pen, that way you don’t end up with 10 different lists in 10 different places and no organized system.

TRAVEL BONUS: Below you can find a downloadable travel packing checklist that you can keep and reuse! When you get to the end of the article download the list to make packing even easier.

How to pick your vacation clothes

Layout all your options on your bed. Then half it! Yes, yes, yes. I know. Half it? How could you possibly? It’s actually pretty easy. Do you really need 3 pairs of jeans and BOTH your denim jackets? Nope. Resist the urge to pack for every possible scenario and keep everything realistic. You’ll also be spending a day or 2 next to a pool so you won’t even need clothes for those days!


Extra tip: wear your biggest items. Wear your jacket and scarf on the plane. The temperature drops at night so hello extra layers and blanket.

How to pack everything into your suitcase

Before we go any further, close that extender! Almost every piece of luggage has a zip in the middle that you can zip or unzip whether you want to make the suitcase smaller or bigger. Do yourself a favour now and make your suitcase as small as possible! That way you can shop without worrying about space once you’re on vacation.

Turn your light coloured clothing inside out.

Stains can come from anywhere. Whether it’s a tiny smudge inside your suitcase that you can’t see or a pencil nib that somehow got into your bag, stains happen too quickly and you already have a set wardrobe. Turn your clothing inside out to prevent any obvious stains from happening.

Roll and stuff

Nope, we’re not suddenly talking about recipes, the only recipe here is a recipe for perfect packing. Now that you have all your clothes laid out on your bed, roll them up into tiny burritos. Once everything has been rolled, start packing, and when I say packing, I really mean stuff.

Aim to only use half the space in your suitcase for clothing. To help achieve that, look at your items (besides your clothing) and think about how you can stuff them. If you’re taking a pair of boots, stuff them with socks, underwear and even a t-shirt. See a gap, fill the gap.

How to pack travel toiletries into your suitcase


Chances are you didn’t stick to only filling 50% of your suitcase, you probably filled 80% right! Now it’s time to fill the other 20%. Make sure that all your gels and liquids are sealed into ziplock bags.

Once that’s packed, place your towels across the top of your luggage so that it takes up minimum space. Towels are also a great way to really secure everything in your suitcase so things don’t go flying around inside your bag.

It’s time for a weigh-in

Now that you’re packed and ready to go, it’s time for a weigh-in. You can either put your suitcase on a normal scale or you can use a luggage scale that can be bought at a local store. Double check your weight allowance to make sure that you’re under. Also, be sure to keep some extra space for the gifts and souvenirs you might buy once abroad.

How to make your luggage stand out

If you’re anything like me you already own luggage that cannot be missed – I own a 3-piece bright blue set that I’m IN LOVE with. I won’t lie, it’s not the most practical set, but I can definitely spot it on the conveyor belt.

You can use stickers, pins, ribbons and luggage belts to help your bags stand out from the rest!

My travel packing checklist is now all yours! Simply click here to download.

Now that you have all my favourite packing tips, I hope packing just got easier (and less stressful) for you! Happy travels!


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