The Ultimate Guide on what to do at Club Mykonos in Langebaan

Dubbed, “Little Greece”, it’s easy to see how Club Mykonos in Langebaan got its nickname. It really does look like you’re in the Mediterranean. From the blue ocean to the whitewashed accommodation, this family-friendly resort is the budget-friendly alternative to Greece. Here’s my Ultimate Guide on what to do at Club Mykonos in Langebaan so you get the most bang for your buck while on vacation.

Where to stay

You have 4 accommodation options to pick from; Athenian Cascades, Club Mykonos Preferred, The Terraces and the Marina Village.

  • The Athenian Cascades: this area offers budget-friendly accommodations on the resort. These units are super flexible because they can accommodate everything from 2 people to a family on a getaway. They also have various sleeping arrangements, so if you’re looking for it, this option can most likely provide it. This area is also more affordable because it overlooks the pools and garden, instead of the ocean. You most likely won’t be in your room staring out the window all day, so this isn’t really a dealbreaker.
  • Club Mykonos Preferred: these units have some of the most impressive, and dramatic, views of the resort. Most of them overlook the ocean, but others offer unique views of the pool and garden. How impressive can a pool be? Think sculptures and water features here! These units are also pretty flexible when it comes to the number of people it can accommodate. So if you’re looking for something a tad bit more upscale, this is the preferred choice (see what I did there)!
  • The Terraces: if you want to wake up to views of yachts and people going about their day, then this is the spot for you! These units are perfect for those wanting a great blend of hustle/bustle with calm/relaxing!
  • The Marina Village: if whitewashed walls aren’t your thing then there’s still an option for you! These units are modern, luxurious and upscale. If you’re ready to wake up to views of yachts and a marina then you’re all set!

All units are self-catering, but before you think about slaving behind a stove for most of your vacation, there are almost a dozen places to buy food from!

Where to eat

When I think of a resort I think options, options, options – Club Mykonos is no exception. They offer everything from breakfast buffets to sit-down-dining and my all-time-favourite a poolside bar and cafe.

TIP: there’s a mall about 1 kilometre from the resort. Put on some sneakers, take a walk and you could easily buy fast food or quick meals. We treated ourselves to some cake too because of how affordable the normal supermarket is compared to the prices at the resort!

Where to spend your time

Vacations = filling your days with fun, sun and relaxation. Club Mykonos offers enough to easily keep you entertained for hours.

Mini golf: grab some clubs and your friends and put your coordination skills to the test here. This game is in the middle of the resort away from the pools and ocean so if you want to change your scenery from blue to green, then try this out!

Outdoor pools: almost everyone loves a quick dip in the pool on vacation. The best part about Club Mykonos pools is that some of them overlook the ocean. But if you’re more of a sunbather than a swimmer, then pick a comfy sun lounger and simply chill out.

TIP: almost every day there’s something exciting happening at the main pool. Check your info packs when you check in to see what time games and activities and join in on the fun! We won a free jacuzzi spa session after winning a musical quiz!

Indoor pools: when the sun begins to set or the win ever so slightly, simply head to the indoor pools and swim in some heated water. You need a swimming cap to access these pools so either bring your own or you can buy them at the info desk.

Take a stroll along the beaches: if you’d like to feel like you’re in Greece, take a walk along the ocean and simply take in the views. The calm water is very inviting so make a day of it and grab your towels and head over for a “day at the beach”.

Soak up the sun on a yacht: yacht trips aren’t only for the Kardashians and Jenners. The marina has great yacht and cruise options that won’t break the budget. Try out their sunset cruises if you really want to treat yourself.

Relax at the spa: treat yo’ self! If you really want to spoil yourself then the spa is a great place to start. They offer all the standard treats to help you relax and unwind.

Now that you know more about this Little Greece, do you think it will be going onto your list of places to experience one Summer?

The Ultimate Guide on what to do at Club Mykonos in Langebaan

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