To anyone who has ever lost someone

According to the dictionary loss is defined as “the state of being deprived of or being without something that one has had”. I can only speak for myself but after recently losing someone in my life, that definition pretty much sums up the feeling. One moment someone is in your life and the next, they’re not.

To anyone who has ever lost someone - michalah francisThe same dictionary defines life as “the period from birth to death”. But while science has proved that death starts the moment the heart stops beating and at that exact moment life ends, I have to disagree.

To anyone who has ever lost someone, you might have lost someone precious but their life still lives on in the memories you hold dear and photographs that capture special moments. As long as you remember them, they are still with you, alive in your heart. We say goodbye to the body but we keep a part of their soul with us.

To anyone who has ever lost someone, when the grief of the passing becomes too much and the sadness feels all-encompassing, remember the good times you’ve had and hold the memories close to your heart. Take comfort in knowing that time does, in fact, heal all wounds. And if you think time is passing by too slowing and the wounds still feel freshly cut, take a moment, breathe and just feel whatever you need to feel. Then remember what you loved about the one you lost and let the memories of their best traits soothe you.

To anyone who has lost someone, they might be gone, but they will never be forgotten.

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