What is a Staycation and how to plan one

If I asked you why you haven’t taken the trip you’ve always dreamed about, what would your answer be? Chances are the cost of travelling would be your number 1 reason! The prices of flights, accommodation and activities all add up in the end and when it’s time to finally pay for your trip, the grand total can put you off and make you second guess taking a vacation. But there’s a solution and it’s something I’ve personally come to love – staycations! So let’s look at what a staycation is and how to plan one!

So, what is a staycation?

Like the name suggests, a staycation is a combination of staying at home and a vacation. If you’re anything like me and you’re already asking, ‘wait what, how does that work?’, hear me out.

A staycation combines the best of both – you get the fun and relaxation of a vacation but you also get to stay in a space you know. Then there’s the obvious bonus, it won’t cost as much as a 5-star stay #saving!

How to plan a staycation

Pick accommodation: this all depends on the type of ‘trip’ you would like. Check into a hotel in the city for a few nights. This is one of the best ways to feel like you’re far away. Wake up to room service and enjoy the pool and spa. Have a look at hotels running promotions and pick one that suits your taste and your budget.

If you’re visiting a different area, head over to Airbnb and book a home. You can spend a few nights in a villa, mansion or even a boathouse – your options are endless. Not sure how Airbnb works? Have a look at my beginner’s guide on how to use Airbnb to book travel accommodation and be sure not to miss the discount voucher!

What is a Staycation and how to plan one - michalah francis

Plan activities: just because you’ve lived in a place all your life doesn’t mean you’ve done everything there is to do. Be a tourist in your own city and visit the places you’ve never seen before. 1) no one will know you’re a local and 2) because why not? Travelling is all about exploring and doing new things, you just so happen to be doing it in your hometown and surrounding areas.

Pack a suitcase: get into the travelling spirit by packing a suitcase. You don’t have to be filling 3 bags, a carry one will be perfect. This is a great way to get you in the headspace of going on vacation.

Can you already see it? Arriving at your hotel or Airbnb, suitcase next to you and camera in hand? Yup, it’s beginning to feel a lot like the real thing!

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