A letter to my 14 year old self

Hey you,

Is it too early in this to say well done hon!

In the years to come you’re going to make yourself so proud. So stop sweating the small things okay?

On that note, stop beating yourself up about algebra, geometry and anything maths related. No one’s going to ask you to find x – ever.

Folks in high school will say you’re too opinionated but in a few years you’ll discover the word for it. Character. They’ll say you should take more interest in boys and make-up and the way your hair looks when all you want to talk about are topics like women’s rights and freedom and female equality. By the time you turn 20 you’ll discover feminism. Just go with it. Read about it. Talk about it. In the process you’ll find out more about yourself.

P.S Don’t get mad each time a teacher criticizes you – they’re helping you develop a backbone which you’ll be grateful for in the future. Also, don’t wait too long to read that extra course work literature your 11th grade English teacher assigns you – just trust me on this one.

You’ve never worried much about boys so don’t start overthink things the older you get – you’ll fall in love countless times, they’ll just all happen in books. So embrace being single because you’ll stay that way for a while, and that’s okay, really.

As for friendships? Let’s just say there’s a reason they rhyme with fleeting. Every person you encounter in your life will come into it to teach you a lesson about yourself, and the world around you. Take note and grow.

You already know it, but your mother is the coolest and wisest person you’ll ever know. When she gives advice, take it, always.

Oh, and as for university. The sweet sweet bliss of late nights, long classes and even longer sessions in the library. When you first get the news that you didn’t get into your first choice university, you’ll want to cry. And you can, because it’s okay. But just for a moment because the university you end up at will be one of the greatest learning experiences of your young adult life.

P.P.S You’ll end up with 2 Arts degrees anyway.

Later in life someone will teach you that “everything will be okay in the end and if it’s not okay it’s not the end”. This will stick with you for years.

But for now, you’re only 14. Listen to Atomic Kitten while they’re still a thing and whatever you do just walk away from the purple hair dye girl.


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