Fifty Shades Freed by E.L James book review

Review of Fifty Shades Freed by E.L James - michalah Francis

Book Synopsis:

Ana and Christian are still together. They have finally admitted that they love each other and now they begin a new stage in their relationship, engagement.

Book Review:

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So, nothing has really changed. Ana is still with Christian. They’re still trying to find their ‘groove’. James’ writing still sucks, but there are improvements.

Characters: I thought that the third book showed the most character development. Ana starts to understand what she likes and doesn’t like, what she wants and doesn’t want. And then she stands her ground and fights for these things. She’s not as naive as she was in the earlier books, she’s grown into her relationship with Christian. Christian is more understanding when it comes to Ana and I felt that I could really see the change in him, from who he was in the first book to who he is in the final book.

Story:This book definitely has the most drama. And it was rather unexpected. I really enjoyed the characters responses to what they faced. Keeping in mind that Ana’s actions affects Christian and Christian’s actions affects Ana. They move beyond problems that are a result of Christian’s lifestyle and are affected by other factors. So it was good to see them battle other factors.

Overall Series Experience: I was really snarky in my reviews for this series, but I actually really enjoyed. It’s not so much the writing, the writing is rather bad, but it was more the story and the characters. I was intrigued by the decisions they would make and where their relationship would end up.


Have you read the Fifty Shades Trilogy? What did you think of it?


  1. I have read the trilogy and I agree the writing is horrible, but I found I still enjoyed the story line. There was such a hype about the book being only about sex but there was more then that. I agree that the third one really had a lot of character development that in my opinion made it even more of a worthwhile read.

      1. No. I thought about it, but my sister, who did read it, said she found it boring because it was basically what she already knew. There isn’t much of a change. She said even his thoughts were pretty bland.

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