One Lovely Blog Award

I’ve been nominated by two amazing bloggers, Giselle from Hardwork Boulevard and Kimsiang from The Spines Breaker. Thanks again guys, these always excite me!

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7 Facts about Myself:

        • I am a post-grad English Lit student with the worst spelling skills it’s shameful. Sometimes not even spell check knows what I’ saying.

spell check

        • I’ve lived in the same house all my life, but I’ve moved bedrooms four times until I finally settled into the one I have now.


        • I have to snack while I’m writing an essay because it helps me think. My ideas seem to flow faster when my mouth is busy. LOL.


        • During undergrad I studied 2 semesters of French because I was still fueling my teenage dream of writing for French Vogue. I no longer have that dream but on the plus side I can now speak French.


        • I really love slush-puppies. Whenever I go to the cinema I order the largest one they have and in the summer I make them myself and drink them all day.


        • People have been teaching me to drive for 2 years and I still can’t do it.

driving gif

        • I used to incorrectly write “ect”, until someone finally corrected me last year telling me it’s actually spelt “etc” (Face Palm)

face palm

My nominees:

Sylvia from A Suitecase Full of Books
Hannah from Hannah’s Brilliant Book Corner
Melanie from Melanie Noell Bernard
Shanice from Playground of Randomness
Michelle from The Bibliophile Struggle


          1. 0.0 AGGRESSIVE?! HA! Lies! :p Well, it’s better than the flounciness(yes flouciness) of French with it’s excessive letters that aren’t pronounced and the plurals don’t sound different from the singular versions. Ugh! French is soooo hard! *dies*

  1. Oh dear! I hope we don’t live near each other because I’m a rage driver when it comes to poor drivers. :p

    And don’t feel bad! I always say ‘once and a while’… apparently that’s wrong… *sigh*

    1. You’re one of those people!!!! Your kind excite me LOL, I literally drive slower and with more caution when others become agitated with my mad driving skills, or lack there of depending on who you ask

      1. My /kind/?! What am I? A different species? :p (Actually I’d totally get behind being a new species! Haha!)

        I’m one of those people where people in my car tend to grip whatever they can get a hold of. :p But I’m not a bad driver! I just like adrenaline. ^.^

        1. I can totally see your species, ‘we called them The Melanians’ (insert movie voice). That sounds like something out of The 5th Wave!!
          You’re not a bad driver, passengers just fear their safety (That should be a bumper sticker)

          1. Ah! No spoilers! I haven’t read or seen The 5th Wave yet. :p
            And I like having my own species. I hope I’m the ruler of said species. Bahaha! (I’d make a terrible ruler.)
            While that bumper sticker would be hilarious I’m not sure how people would feel about it, especially my passengers. ^.^ And I drive safer when I have people in my car. I’m aware of their presence. :p It’s one of those extra senses that come with being a Melanian.

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