Staying at Le Meridien ile Maurice

Staying at Le Meridien ile Maurice

4123 kms and 5 hours away from my home town, Cape Town, I discovered paradise. With palm trees and crystal blue waters. With a climate so pleasant it took me 5 minutes to realise it was raining because there was no wind and the temperature didn’t drop. Yes, honest to Zeus. Welcome to Mauritius, and to the hotel I called home for a week. Take a peak into what it was like Staying at Le Meridien ile Maurice. 

Staying at Le Meridien ile MauriceStaying at Le Meridien ile MauriceStaying at Le Meridien ile MauriceStaying at Le Meridien ile MauriceStaying at Le Meridien ile MauriceStaying at Le Meridien ile Maurice

Stretching along 1,000 metres of soft white sand, Le Meridien ile Maurice is what I’ll always think of when I hear ‘Mauritius’. Situated in the North West of the island, Le Meridien ile Maurice is the perfect combination of lush green and sparking blue. Our back door opened to a garden busting with colour and and birds chirping outside, and then led to the Indian Ocean.

Where to eat

Breakfast was enjoyed at the same spot each morning but it didn’t disappoint, birds chirped and people laughed, and every morning I laughed at myself for drinking fruit juice infused with chilli. Now that’s how you kickstart your day. With 4 restaurants on the resort, we had our pick of where to enjoy dinner. From fine dining to Indian classics, 3 course meals were enjoyed with the sound of the ocean in the background and smiling faces around us.

What to do

Take your pick of island classics, from snorkeling, to glass bottom boat trips and kayaking, Le Meridien ile Maurice has an exciting selection of watersports, even my mom tagged along for a few.

Why I loved Staying at Le Meridien ile Maurice

For a week I forgot about everything back home, and simply experienced Mauritian culture. Here’s a quick run-through:

There’s an ocean a few feet from your hotel door.

Watersports keep you active and gets the blood pumping at all hours of the day.

The staff take the time to remember your name and how you take your coffee.

There’s something for everyone, from fine dining experiences to kids clubs and live entertainment in the evenings.

But of course there’s more, find out more on their website: http://www.lemeridien-mauritius.com

Staying at Le Meridien ile Maurice - michalah francis


  1. This is honestly one of the best and most realistic articles I have read in a long time. I am dying to visit the island and would love to know more about costs and visas etc. Can you advise who you booked through, what time of year you went, and any suggestions you would have or make for future visits.

    I am quite a social individual, so while I look forward to the down time, I would love to be able to socialize and meet with others in the evenings, maybe do a little dancing etc.

    Looking forward to more articles from you.


    1. Thanks so much CeeCe 🙂
      I booked using Pentravel. I’ve used them to book three trips so far and I absolutely love their service and friendly team. They are always ready to answer all my questions and to call me to clarify anything.

      I went in the last week of September, it’s right before high season starts, so you get low season prices and great weather; which is a complete bonus. My hotel had live music every night, where hotel guests gathered to drink, socialise and dance. I’m pretty sure most hotels offer the same but def check with your agent first to confirm.

      My advice for future trips would be to think about the weather, do you like the wind or nah? Mauritius has micro climates, so the east is rather windy and cool whereas the west is warmer with no wind. I love the heat and hate the wind, so we chose the west to get the best for us.
      Other advice would be to list what you want the hotel to include, maybe it’s adult only accommodation, or late night music, multiple bars or extensive water sports, and then narrow your list of options from there.

      Pentravel is great because you simply give them a list of what you want included and they provide you with options; easy and effortless on your part.

      PS; there’s no visa required if you have a South African passport 🙂

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